How Much Does IVF Cost in Pakistan 2020?

IVF is the most preferred fertility treatment used to resolve the case of Infertility disorder. Infertility, on the other hand is the disorder that is caused by hormonal imbalance and IVF is the best solution to get down to the bottom of this hiccup.

For several couples and individuals bearing IVF Cost in Pakistan can be challenging because the charges of IVF treatment is a bit expensive. But if we discuss about different fertility treatments then IVF is the one that comes up with the most amazing success rate and a higher result in success live birth too and that’s the reason why infertile couples incline and choose IVF treatment Pakistan. True, to attain pregnancy, IVF has been boon for many infertile couples but how much it costs? Is the cost really worth of it? Is there any factor that can upsurge the Cost of IVF in Pakistan? Let’s unravel all these questions one by one.

The success rate of IVF treatment is not same for everyone; some couple might get positive result, whereas some patient may have to wait for successful outcome, making more expensive in the long term. In this page, a reader will find out the exact cost of IVF in Pakistan and how many factors influences the charges of IVF Pakistan.

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How Much Does IVF Cost on Average?

IVF treatment in Pakistan is performed in cycles and charges around $3500- $5000; this package includes –

Medication such as fertility drugs and hormonal injections


Egg Collection

Regular meet-ups


Blood work charges

Transferring the embryo (after selection one or max two

IVF Cost Pakistan varies from one centre to another, some fertility clinics may cost as less as $ 2500 whereas other clinics can expense as much as $10,000. If a couple needs additional cycle of IVF, the couple has to pay extra for it. We Care IVF Surrogacy puts forward high success rate in each and every fertility treatment; especially We Care IVF Surrogacy is well known for its authenticity and nominal structure of IVF Cost in Pakistan.

The patient needs not to be worried about the charges of IVF in Pakistan as we are always there to help you during each step. Neither there is any hidden cost nor will the coordinators surprise you asking for unnecessary or additional cost throughout the entire medication.

NOTE – There are some of the fertility centres that do not include the medication cost, which a female has to go through at initial level. So, whoever thinking and outlining their IVF treatment, need to ask directly about complete break-down of IVF Pakistan. Don’t hesitate while asking entire details about IVF Cost in Pakistan.

IVF Cost in Pakistan 2020

Overall Cost of IVF Treatment in PakistanUSD 3500-3700 (approx.)

Why Do IVF Charges Vary?

The solution thereto is quite simple: Everyone is different. Everybody has different physical needs and thus requires a distinct IVF treatment. No IVF treatment is equal that is why it’s not uncommon for varied prices to be applied. On the ground of couple’s infertility case, IVF is combined with advance techniques, which is why IVF cost varies.

The basic charge of IVF Pakistan is a baseline for the IVF procedure. Based on the genetic issue or fertility issues that a couple has, the fertility experts would possibly consider advance IVF technique. During this, the couple has to undergo different IVF journey compared to others. For example, if male or female is carrying a definite congenital disease, they might go for IVF with PGD to ensure the baby won’t posses any kind of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

During this case of infertility, IVF method involves screening; this process is referred as PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis). It is obvious; this procedure adds an additional cost of IVF treatment. This is one of the vital factors that influence IVF Cost in Pakistan.

If a couple chooses sperm donor or egg donor, this method also additionally causes the worth to bounce up considerably. IVF with donor egg or donor sperm escalates the sum amount of IVF.

The charges of IVF in Pakistan also differ on the basis of IVF centres across Pakistan. Some clinics put forward IVF cost in high range – whereas some centre provides IVF cost in Pakistan in bargain basement cost. It’s not entirely doable to get to know the exact cost of IVF cycle because there is not a single factor that bothers the cost of IVF; there are multiple points that increase the sum amount of IVF.

One should know each and every detail of IVF cost and its procedure before undergoing in it. It is crucial that a couple understands their goals, budget and a complete breakdown cost of IVF treatment.

Additional Cost that is associated with IVF Charges in Pakistan

When shaping IVF cost in Pakistan, a couple need to keep in their mind there may be some extra process might be added to the basic IVF cost Pakistan (depend on the couple’s infertility case). So, before all this, it is mandatory to know the exact cause of your infertility issue and what the procedure will be performed in your case. Following, there are some

Egg Donation

Women attaining pregnancy from her own eggs sometimes become hard, some women get hurdle in getting conceived through her own eggs; at this case, IVF with donor egg is done to establish fertilization. This process gives a higher chance of getting pregnant.

The cost of IVF with egg donor is $ 5500; wherein the cost of donor egg is $ 1800 – $ 2000.

Sperm Donor

Men, who are unable to impregnate his partner by own sperms, can go for this option. Donor sperm cost $ 500 that sums up IVF with donor sperm -$ 4000-4200.

Embryo Donation

During this process, a well matured embryo is put into the uterus of the female (who is infertile). This is one of the least expensive methods to choose for because here a female does not have to go through with various fertility medication, hormonal injection and egg retrieval, hence it costs less and result in positive outcome.

The cost of Donor Embryo is $ 3500 – $ 3700 that includes a healthy embryo transfer into the uterus of the recipient.

ICSI Treatment

ICSI or Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a technique, where a single sperm is injected into the egg; the main goal of this treatment is to achieve fertilization. ICSI treatment is for male infertility issue.

This method shows a decent success rate and positive outcome especially for those couples who could not conceive using standard IVF treatment. This cost same as IVF – $ 4000 (approximate).

Egg Freezing Plans

IVF CycleCost
Single Cycle of IVFUSD 3600-3800
Two Cycle CostUSD 1800-1900
IVF Services in Pakistan
IVF CycleCost
Standard IVF Charges in PakistanUSD 3500-4000
IVF with Donor EggUSD 5500
IVF with Donor SpermUSD 4000-4200
IVF with ICSIUSD 3600
IVF with Donor EmbryoUSD 3500

IVF Option Plan

IVF CycleCost
Women under the age of 38USD 4000
IVF Financial Assistance Plan

Male factor Treatment

IVF CycleCost
IVF with ICSIUSD 3600
IVF with TESAUSD 4000-4200
IVF with MESAUSD 4100-4200
IVF with PESAUSD 4200-4300
IVF with Micro TESAUSD 5000

Cost Break-down for Donor Egg cycle is

IVF CycleCost
First time DonorUSD 1800-1900
Repeat DonorUSD 1800
Known Donor costUSD 1000
Medications prescribed throughout Donor CycleUSD 1400-1800

The total break-down of IVF cost in Pakistan

IVF CycleCost
Medications required throughout IVF cycleUSD 1800-2000 (approximate)
IVF cycle including all the medications, blood Work, ultrasound, egg collection and embryo transferUSD 3600-4000 (approx.)
AnesthesialUSD 150
IVF with ICSIUSD 3600

Financial Assistance and Flexible Payment choice

At We Care IVF Surrogacy, the management offers flexible options too. We know the cost of fertility treatment sometime becomes difficult to pay by middle-class families; hence we always try to work with the intended couple and fully assist them in order to make the treatment cost flexible. IVF cost in Pakistan is totally acceptable and genuine. The journey of IVF can be both physically and emotionally tiring and the financial aspect of the procedure also carry significant amount of stress. However, now you don’t have to add this stress because we are proud to offer the couple to avail the quality IVF treatment at reasonable cost.

Hence, on an average, for a single cycle of IVF treatment in Pakistan, IVF cost could be between $ 3600- $4000. IVF cost Pakistan varies on the basis of couple’s infertility case. It could be as much as high up to USD 6000 or so. A couple should choose their IVF centre on the basis of high success rate. Success rate is the vital part of any of the fertility clinic that serves best result.

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