Egg Donation Process in India – Informative Details

Egg Donation process in India: egg donation is a process, where the fertile woman donates her eggs to another woman helping to build her family. This is the process which has been incorporated in Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and is used as the most effective procedure for attaining the pregnancy.

During this procedure, the IVF specialist retrieved the matured eggs from the donor’s ovary and fertilized with the sperm (provided by the male partner). Once the sperm successfully gets into the cytoplasm of the egg for fusion, fertility veterans wait for few days and analyze when the fertilized egg (Embryo) should be placed back into the recipient’s uterus. Probably on the second day or the third day, an embryo is transferred into the female’s uterus for implantation. This is how the Egg Donation in India works with the process of IVF treatment.

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    Essential facts about Egg Donors during the Egg Donation Process in India

    There are certain rules of choosing an egg donor in India, such as psychological assessment, medical evaluation, ultrasounds tests, diagnosis of infectious disease, and eligibility. A donor is required to cross all the evaluation tests to make sure she is not facing any of the issues, which could become hurdle during the egg donation procedure.

    We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the world’s leading medical tourism facilitator that provides the high-class treatment of IVF process with egg donation procedure. We provide the veteran teams dedicated to the treatment of infertility. Have highly skilled doctors, scientists, nurses and support staff. Our laboratories and theatres are equipped to the highest standards.

    We provide all the egg donors, who are qualified and screened appropriately for the donation procedure. We do have the list of multiple egg donors in our donor-bank – Indian, African, Caucasian and etc.

    Egg Donation Process in India, on today’s date, has become a common ART techniques which is used by those couples, where the female partner is unable to supply with good quality of eggs for the IVF fertilization. There is a great demand for donor eggs – perhaps you know a couple who are unable to have children. If you do, you’ll know what heartache it causes. The generosity and thoughtfulness of a woman who is prepared to donate eggs can change everything for childless couples and give them a chance to have the family they have dreamed of.

    As an egg donor, a donor receives the compensation payment for each donation cycle by the fertility centre. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped a couple to have a precious child of their own.

    Why do we need donor eggs?

    Some women are unable to produce their own eggs. This might be because they have gone through the menopause early – as young as 20. Some of our patients have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer which has left them infertile. Chemotherapy or major surgery directly affects the egg quality or the reproductive system of the female. To avoid the chance of not being pregnant during such case, either the woman goes for egg freezing procedure or IVF with Egg Donation Process in India to have own baby.

    While some women have genetic conditions which they do not want to pass on to their children, hence they select egg donation procedure to achieve pregnancy. Sometimes, the couple, while undergoing IVF treatment, lacks the embryonic quality; hence poor implantation success rate after the embryo transfer. During this condition (if the eggs lack the quality of fertilization with the sperm), the experts recommend the patient to undergo Egg Donation Process in India with IVF treatment.

    Who can donate?

    You should be under 36 years of age, in good health and with no history of genetic disorders. Many women consider donating their eggs when they are sterilized for example.

    An egg donor must be free of any infections, such as Hepatitis C and HIV. She must not have any past of genetic abnormality. The eggs provided by the donor, must be free of any chromosomal defects or genetic abnormality.

    “I’ve got three children and I don’t want any more. I’ve often thought about donating eggs and kept putting it off. But now I’ve actually done it I feel really pleased that my eggs have given someone else the chance to have a family” Michelle

    Is the Egg Donor anonymous?

    What is involved?

    Donating eggs requires commitment. There are daily injections – which we can train you to do – and you will need to come into We CARE probably 3 or 4 times for ultrasound scans and blood tests. At the appropriate time, eggs are collected by a simple procedure. After a few hours, the donor can go home. The reimbursement of the donor’s fee is given by the time.

    What is the next step?

    If you would like further details about donating eggs, please contact a We CARE egg donation coordinator at your nearest centre.

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