IVF Treatment in India: How it works & who should have it


IVF – just three alphabetical word but a life-changing method for those who have been trying to have a baby by their own but unable to make that happen. Yes, we have several issues in our lives, say that would be managing the family or accomplishing a family! Hope you have understood the topic which we are going to discuss right now, ye-sits IVF treatment and its process – how it works, what is the success rate and who can use this or who are right for this treatment. Let’s begin with the basic description of IVF Treatment in India.

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF, as mentioned above is one of the fertility treatment of assisted reproductive technology which has been so very famous across the world to deal with infertility issue. IVF is the treatment which can be performed in two ways – the first is using the conventional method/standard procedure and the second is using advanced procedure.

What is actual there in the IVF Treatment in India, is to preparation of the healthy embryo or to create the embryo form the couple’s medical component – eggs and sperms. During the procedure, the couple is required to give own medical component to the fertility team of the centre, basically the female is much involved comparing to the male. Why so? This is because the female has to undergo few steps to provide her own eggs after all the embryo has to be transfer back into the uterus of the woman so yes she needs to come to the centre more often than the male for the process or steps.

Once the embryo gets stick into the uterine lining of the woman, pregnancy likely is going to happen in a normal way.

Who require the IVF Treatment in India?

IVF, undeniably is be the best way for the couples who have been trying well to conceive, but sometimes it could be the possibility that the couple can achieve pregnancy by just using simple methods such as taking fertility medication/hormonal infusions or may be IUI treatment and etc. Hence it is mandatory that if you are under 35 and have been attempting to have a child for more than a year, you might need IVF Treatment to get pregnant.

Don’t decide yourself, it is better to have complete fertility investigation of you and your accomplice. Once the exact cause known, the next is designing well for the appropriate treatment. You can come in contact with our organization – We Care IVF Surrogacy for further investigation or say for an IVF Treatment in India.

IVF Treatment is best suitable for 

  • Women having issue in menstruation cycle (delay of the menstruation cycle, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle)
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Women with endometriosis
  • PCOS issue
  • Men with less sperm count, les motile
  • Men who have been found as zero sperm count or very less (IVF-ICSI with Surgical Sperm Retrieval)
  • Unexplained infertility issue
  • Couples, who don’t want to pass genetic issue or chromosomal abnormality to their offspring can choose IVF treatment (IVF with PGD technique).

IVF Treatment in India – How the Procedure Goes? (How it works)

The total IVF Procedure may last from four to about a month and a half. Steps of IVF system in incorporates –

Stage 1: Stimulation of the ovary 

Before beginning with the IVF Treatment, your fertility doctor is probably going to screen your ovaries and the planning of the egg discharge or you can say the specialist investigates the ovulation date of yours and analyze the treatment planning. The specialist is to ensure that your ovaries are delivering eggs, and your hormone levels are normal for the IVF treatment. Most ladies get fertility meds as of now to animate the ovaries to deliver at least one eggs. Having various eggs accessible for IVF will support the odds that the woman will get pregnant.

Along these lines, the absolute first step of IVF treatment in India is that the female takes the prescribed fertility medication and hormonal injections for 10-14 days until the centre’s doctor stop her or when the specialist finds the eggs to be full matured to retrieve. These meds support the ovaries so as to invigorate numerous eggs. Various eggs increment the odds of effective treatment.

Stage 2: Egg Retrieval Procedure 

In the meantime the female visits thrice or might be more (according to the specialist’s guidance) to the fertility clinic for ultrasounds exams and hormonal blood test. The doctor screens the oocytes growth or follicles development during the sittings and once the specialist gets secure with the development of the considerable number of eggs, the subsequent stage is the assortment of the eggs.

During the egg-recovery step in the IVF Treatment, the local anesthesia or sedation is given to reduce any uneasiness. At that point a hollow needle is put into the upper vaginal divider. By the utilization of vaginal ultrasound, the egg are picked out from the follicles under delicate suction. Quickly after yearning of the follicle, the egg is separated from the follicular liquid. The egg is put in a culture dish or nutrient culture dish and afterward moved to the lab.

Stage 3: Fertilization

The following stage of the IVF Treatment comes as the preparation of the egg or the fertilization step, where the eggs and sperms are combined to create embryo. A sperm test gets made sure about, either from your accomplice or a donor. Some of the time when the sperm is found to be less motile, the doctor uses the procedure of ICSI, where a single sperm is directly infused into the egg.

Once the sperms get into the cytoplasm of the egg, at that point, the sperm and egg are set in a fertility lab under the guidance of the experts to observe that.

Stage 4: Embryo move and Implantation

The very last step of IVF Treatment is the embryo transfer or the embryo move and very crucial step to decide IVF has worked or not. In the first place, the embryos get analyzed by the specialist to pick the most advantageous ones for the embryo transfer. To move the embryo(s), a speculum is situated into vagina and the embryo(s) are moved by a catheter through the cervix into the uterus of the woman. After the IVF procedure goes total, the bed rest is frequently guided for around 24 hours.

The female is encouraged to go for a pregnancy test once the embryo gets placed (within ten to fourteen days of the embryo transfer), where the specialist evaluates it to finish whether the embryo has effectively joined into the fitting spot (in the uterine covering) or not. If the embryo gets successfully attached into the uterine lining and the embryo gets fixed appropriately, at that point there comes a positive outcome.

Closing Lines

IVF is no doubt the best and most preferred treatment to have a child but at the same time, IVF never at any point offers assurance to the couple for the positive outcome or say a pregnancy, however that doesn’t mean too that IVF doesn’t work. There are a few factors on which the success rate depends of IVF and these are – Age of the lady, egg quality, sperm count and motility, what the centre the couple has chosen, specialist experience and none other than the understanding. These are some critical perspectives one must know picking IVF.

Regardless of whether you have crossed 35 age and your eggs have lost the characteristics of being effectively treated with the sperm during the standard IVF Treatment, at that point no concerns, you can design or plan for the pregnancy on the off chance that you need to have a baby! How? By picking IVF egg donor; there are several options for a couple (for basic and advanced level fertility issue) to conceive by ART method, you just need to pick the best fertility centre for that. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the ongoing fertility agency providing the best treatment across the globe serving the best centres to the couple at a reasonable price too. We are the group of fertility specialist organization that advances fundamental and all the types of advanced treatment to the patients in the most picked and high giving success rate.

Truly, there are a numerous methods by which you can consider and plan to have your own child, we would be happy to solve your muddle related to the fertility problem.

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