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IVF – one of the preferred fertility treatment which is used for both – males and females infertility issue. True, IVF has become one of the famous ART treatments that has been using by fertility specialist solving issue in individuals (associated fertility hiccups) for a long.

So, yes we will divulge about that strategy of that ART method which has given the sunshine or you can say, the shimmer of the lifeof those couples who were waiting to hear Mother and Father for the past few month or years.IVF is the best manner to achieve pregnancy when you are unable to attain the pregnancy naturally. IVF! Genuine! This treatment came in pattern when the first baby via test-tube baby process or IVF was conceived on July25, 1978 by the name of Louise Joy Brown in England. Forward this date, this procedures got so famed and being treated among the people and IVF entered as a help for those couples who have disposed of their make-believe to have baby of their own. IVF Treatment in Punjabis the best and profitable fertility treatment of assisted reproductive technology to determine the matter of infertility and childlessness.

Punjab has always been the centre of preferred place, where the couple gets best treatment throughout their fertility treatment at a very reasonable cost. So, what you will be getting all through this page? We will be covering the procedures of IVF in Punjab, the reader is going to become acquainted with about the whole system of IVF in Punjab, people, who can think about this treatment to have their pregnancy, and what is the cost, success rate of this ART method.

Let’s begin with what is IVF treatment –

What is IVF Treatment in Punjab?

We should begin with the basic description of IVF treatment in Punjab, What is IVF and why it is considered as truly outstanding and profitable strategy to annihilate Infertility issue?

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization, is the most recent and ultra-current innovation that gives best outcome to pull off the pregnancy. The procedure of IVF inPunjab is productive to those couples, who get inconvenience in having baby normally. IVF or unnaturally conceived child treatment is the best and most chose ART strategy to have possess infant, this is on the grounds that IVF is the main treatment that outcomes in positive pregnancy test.

IVF treatment when achieved by couple’s own egg and sperm, said as standard or conventional technique for IVF, you must be thinking is there any other way to accomplish IVF treatment. So yes, there are two ways of IVF method that is used when the couple (either male or female or may be both) has been found to be infertile. When IVF method is used in the advanced case of the couple fertility issue, it is said to be advanced method of IVF in Punjab. And when the IVF is said to be advanced, it is when IVF is treated or combined with other ART technique such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval procedure, IVF with donor egg, IVF with donor sperm, and donor embryo.

The above methods is performed when there is the requirement of the couple’s IVF or simply IVF didn’t work, for instance the partner’s sperm is unable to self-penetrate with the woman’s egg, then the specialist uses the ICSI method during the fertilization, where the doctor selects a single sperm, and directly inject into the egg. This process enhances the fertilization. Hence there are several procedures, which when required, is performed.

During the basic or standard IVF in Punjab, sperms and eggs are prepared in the lab, shaping sound embryo. The principle focus of IVF in Punjabis to encourage a fit and healthy pregnancy. We will get where it counts into the strategy of IVF Punjab later on this page.

Who can pick IVF Treatment in Punjab–?

So, when should you think planning for the IVF treatment? IVF treatment is opted or recommended by those couples,

Couples who can consider IVF in Punjab are

  • Woman with blocked fallopian tube
  • Female with harmed fallopian tube
  • Male factor fruitlessness
  • Women enduring with PCOS issue
  • Endometriosis
  • Individual with chromosomal imperfections
  • Individuals with hereditary anomaly
  • Unexplained infertility

Man in uncommon instance of barrenness, saw as zero sperm check, at this case IVF with Sperm Surgical Aspiration is performed by the master of the best IVF centre in Punjab.

Other situation is that the male has motility issue or less check of normal sperm, at that point IVF with ICSI, IMSI or PICSI is accomplished for treatment.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the main and best IVF focuses that gets great result any of the fertility treatment. We are here contribution most sensible IVF treatment with a high achievement rate. The fertility veterans of our team have achieved a few troublesome instances of fruitlessness or say infertility cases in a simple and satisfying way.

Step by step Guidance of IVF in Punjab 

IVF follows four to five step throughout its treatment –

  • Ovary Stimulation
  • Monitoring of the follicles
  • Egg-retrieval/ Follicular Aspiration
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer


  1. Stimulation of the Ovary

Once the couple has decided to choose IVF treatment achieving the pregnancy, the very first step is not the procedure which they will undergo in IVF but the very first step is getting a right fertility centre for the treatment. Yes this is the vital thing which the couple has to do very first to have positive result after the treatment.

Getting on the main point about the very initial step of IVF in Punjab is to stimulate the patient’s ‘ovary in order to get multiple eggs and matured eggs. Specialists suggest the patient for fertility drugs and hormonal infusions, which are basic to invigorate ovaries. Incitement of the ovary is one of the noteworthy strides all through IVF treatment.

A female needs to experience with this prescription course for 10-14 days, until the eggs get matured and ready to retrieve. We as a whole know that a lady releases single egg every month, except in IVF treatment, single egg doesn’t work for solid preparation thus to keep away from any danger of ineffective treatment, this fertility medication and hormonal injections are given to the female. This prescription animates a few eggs to age. Subsequent to finishing the drugs and infusions, eggs are removed out of the female’s ovaries so as being finished with the assistance of the fine meager needle so as to separate the eggs

  1. Monitoring of the Follicles

During the above course – fertility medication days, a female is required to visit to the centre regularly or very consistently for the investigation to let the specialist know about the eggs development. The fertility doctor screens the period of egg with the help of blood tests and ultrasound.

When the pro gets affirmed about the developed egg, the following stage is follicular aspiration or assortment of the eggs. This procedure is famously known as Egg-Retrieval procedure. Prior to 36 hours of egg assortment, there is an injection given to the female by the fertility nurse-a trigger shot infusion (this infusion is provided so as to get all the eggs full-developed and all out position).

  1. Procedure of Egg-Retrieval

Egg recovery methodology is additionally alluded as Follicular Aspiration strategy. This is the minor surgery and is practiced with the help of an empty needle (under the direction of ultrasound).

During egg pick up process in IVF in Punjab, a female needs to initially experience with a nearby sedation; eggs are recovered cautiously by the specialists of fertility team. When the eggs are gathered, they are kept in the supplement dish for additional progression, for example Preparation with the sperm or fertilization step.

  1. Fertilization

May be around the same time or after one day, semen test is taken by the male accomplice or giver (whenever required). Presently, the master blends the sperm in with the egg on a similar culture dish for preparation.

Motile and solid sperm gets combined with the egg’s divider and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for the combination. Treatment happens when the sperm has effectively gone into the cytoplasm of the egg.

  1. Transferring of the Embryo

After the treatment, eggs, which have been effectively prepared with the sperm, presently alluded as Embryo. Pro hand-picks the best and most beneficial embryo for the strategy of incipient organism move. During this progression of IVF Treatment in Punjab, with the help of a catheter, embryo is moved into the patient’s uterus.

Pregnancy Test- Last Step of IVF in Punjab

Subsequent to finishing the previously mentioned phases of IVF treatment Punjab the last step of IVF in Punjab is to test the pregnancy that whether the embryo has joined into the uterine covering or not. Once the embryo gets implanted into the uterine lining of the woman, there is the high chances of having a positive pregnancy test.

In the event that the embryo has all around connected in the female belly, at that point pregnancy before long occurs in a typical manner. There are a few rules after IVF treatment that a couple should deal with it. Such as regular check-up, balanced and healthy routine; you can ask all the information by our fertility team if you are willing to go IVF in Punjab.

Factors that Restricts a couple’s IVF treatment delivering successful results –

There are a few factors that influence the success rate of IVF in Punjab; some of them are –

  • Age of the Woman

Age consistently assumes urgent job all through the method for IVF in Punjab. On the off chance that the lady’s age has slipped by the conceptive age, for instance, in the event that a lady is in the staircase of 35-40, at that point it will be very hard to accomplish IVF with her own eggs. This is valid fact that as the lady’s age goes on her egg quality starts to decay. This is the principle reason, why ladies under 35, have high odds of getting brought about by IVF treatment. Along these lines, regardless of whether you are getting ready for IVF treatment, at that point don’t defer as the clock never stops.

  • Body Weight

This is another key point to have triumph in IVF treatment Punjab-Body weight and BMI. Accomplishing pregnancy is simple for those ladies who are at their best body contrasting with those ladies, who are either excessively fat or excessively thin. Being sound is very fine, however putting on pointless weight can prompt pregnancy issues. In this way, one ought to be fit and beneficial to convey supporting pregnancy. Legitimate weight results to uncomplicated and relieving conveyance.

  • Changes in Lifestyle

One ought to embrace decent propensity sound daily schedule and everyday movement impacts significantly on our well being. Poor Lifestyle is one of the huge factor that ruins both (types of people) ripeness potential. Admission of futile and mouth-watering items can make you fulfilled at that point just yet it crumbles your body progressively and causes reaction also can prompt unpredictable monthly cycle, weight gain and so on.

Closing Lines –

There are more perspectives in way of life to have a soothing pregnancy even with or without taking the help from IVF or fertility treatment such as being in a balanced lifestyle, avoiding stress and anxiety, workplace, the manner in which you are seeking after your everyday movement.

Over the top of all the aspects, there comes the most important activity and that is- work-out/yoga/exercise – we can avoid several discomforts by carrying our body fit and healthy; every one of these variables coordinates the method of our reproductive system too.

In a closing lines, if you are intending to get pregnant, you have to stick on a healthy eating regimen, keep away from liquor, quit smoking and drugs (if taking). Have a satisfying IVF in Punjab under the best direction of We Care IVF Surrogacy group!

We Care IVF Surrogacy is a facility of providing the best IVF centers across the India and in abroad too; we are best at patient care. We have been perceived as one of the best fertility agencies giving the best services worldwide at a reasonable price. Our fertility centers are at standard with the most recent techniques of ART and advancements around the world.

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