What is the IVF Cost in South Africa 2020?

Planning for IVF? Here’s What You Need to Know about IVF Cost in South Africa

Latest study has depicted that increasing numbers of educated women and professionals in South Africa in an emerging counts opting to complete their family later in life. There could be various reasons behind this delayed childbirth- it may be of their career advancement, other priorities, a gap of marriage, while others are not sure whether they want to have baby or not. And when they plan to get conceive (without using any precautions), they got jammed in – Inability to hold pregnancy, in a general term it is known as – Infertility.

Inability to have child through natural procedure is a distressing and emotional issue for the couple across the world. All thanks to the advanced technology within the infertility domain that diagnose and resolve couple’s infertility issue. It the couple won’t have good outcome from their natural conception, then fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and others could help to attain pregnancy.

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However, the IVF Cost in South Africa is something that the intended couple can easily plan for it! However, the couple must prepare financially and emotionally to go down this route. Throughout this page, you will learn many facts about the cost procedure of IVF and what is the basic package of IVF cost in South Africa.

What Do You Require If You Face With Hard Time in Getting Pregnant?

South Africa is one of the emerging place for infertility treatments and experienced fertility veterans, who have years of practice in the domain of infertility treatments. Okay! So here we introduce you the most effective treatment to get to the bottom of infertility issue and to have own baby in your lap soon- IVF Treatment.

IVF is the best ART technique that works well to get rid of infertility tag from the most awful phase of couple’s pregnancy days. IVF Treatment Cost in South Africa is also based on a nominal package, thus it has opened the door for several needy people who can plan for IVF in South Africa.

While fulfilling a dream of having own baby via ART technique is priceless, there are different structure of IVF Cost in South Africa that involve in receiving this miraculous life-changing fertility treatment, which has helped n number of couples to enjoy their parenthood days across the world.

The Cost of IVF in South Africa varies from one couple to another for various reasons.  Since there are several variables that influence or affect the IVF treatment and associate structure of IVF Cost in South Africa, the sum amount of IVF in South Africa varies greatly. It is essential to understand that IVF is not a single step procedure, but rather it is a series of a long chain to accomplish a single cycle. Different techniques, advance equipments, scientific and pathology staff, nursing, fertility lab charge – these are all fundamental services that take place in a single attempt of IVF.

Let’s have a keen eye on those treatment plans that affect IVF Cost in South Africa; going through with below details, you will surely have more realistic view of why IVF Treatment Cost in South Africa shows a discrepancy.

Factors that affect IVF COST IN SOUTH AFRICA 2020

Each patient is unique in his or her own way on the ground of fertility case. Depending on patient’s requirement, testing and treatment plans are performed by the experts.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the renowned healthcare platforms that come up with the best ART treatment and world-class veterans. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, experts work diligently to find the exact cause of infertility in man or woman and accordingly that, a suitable treatment is recommended to the couple via which they can have their own baby.

There are number of reasons why IVF Cost in South Africa fluctuates; out of them some are –

The number of IVF attempts

Clinic’s Success rate and delivery Counts

IVF with other Advance Technique

Many people get their IVF accomplished at first cycle only, while some gets trouble in achieving success for the first time and get victory in their second IVF attempt, so it happens, IVF never ever gives a couple guarantee to achieve pregnancy and that’s why IVF is done multiple time to get positive pregnancy test. If a couple has undergone three time of their IVF, then they should consider some other treatment of Art methodology.

At We Care IVF Surrogacy centre, we are proud of IVF success rate and pregnancy rates of approximate 62-65%, well above the decent success rates in South Africa. There are several cases of first failed IVF cycle bur for them, we give concession for the second IVF attempt and diligently try to achieve success at second time of couple’s IVF.

Clinic’s success rate also is one of the important points that affect IVF Cost in South Africa. There is huge competition in the market of fertility industry; what some centres do, they attract the couple by showing them cheapest cost or half of the Cost of IVF in South Africa and thus fooling them to undergo IVF from them- Please Be Aware of such clinics that promises you for lesser IVF treatment cost, they may charge additional from the couple during their treatment or they are with a poor success rate/ delivery counts. Cross check the fertility clinic before giving the total cost of IVF treatment.

You must be wondering about the third point; the third factor introduces you a couple of things about IVF cost in South Africa. IVF is that treatment, which is applied with different ART techniques on the basis of couple’s infertility case and this determine the cost of IVF in South Africa.

Let’s have a look on basic IVF treatment Cost in South Africa and those treatment plans that influences IVF Cost in South Africa.


Initial consultation can cost about R 1,000 – R 2,000, where you and your partner have to come the clinic; a comprehensive details in depth will be asked by the senior specialist from you. This consultation will go for 1 hour or so, the expert will:

Ask for a detailed History

A physical exam (if needed)

Ask for the test you may have had previously

Assess sperm quality and sperm appearance

Assessment of uterine health

AMH level of female

A couple during this consultation is free to ask any question related to their fertility case and infertility treatment. At the end, after analyzing couple’s case, the expert will tell you the most appropriate IVF treatment that goes best for you.

The cost of initial consultation ranges between R1000-R2000 (including all the ultrasounds, cost of investigations and tests).

During basic IVF treatment, a couple is involved at each step. This IVF is perfect for those couples, who are under their 35 age and produces fit and fine eggs and sperms for fertilization. Female’s egg must be fertile and healthy in order to achieve fertilization. The embryo is created by combining the eggs and sperms in a nutrient dish and letting them leave for a day. Next day the fertility experts see the sign of fertilization. Once fertilization is done, healthy embryo is chosen for embryo transfer. Within 10-12 days, pregnancy test is performed.

The IVF Cost in South Africa 2020 by using self egg and own sperm is R 45,000 – R 50,000. This is a single IVF attempt of basic IVF treatment. During this package,

Fertility Medication

Hormonal Injection

Blood Work


Each meet up with senior specialist, Fertility lab Charge

Follicular Aspiration, Fertilization procedure, Embryo transfer

These steps are entailed in a single attempt of IVF Cost in South Africa.

Charges of IVF in South AfricaRand
IVF Treatment Cost in Africa with self eggs and self sperms (all the medication and procedure of IVF included)R 45,000 – R 50,000

Advance IVF Cost in South Africa

Different technique of ART is applied with IVF on the root of couple’s infertility case. For an instance, take an example of a woman, who is at regular in her ovulation phase but unable to lay healthy egg at the time of ovulation, this time even IVF with self egg may have no result due to the poor quality of egg. At this case, IVF with Donor egg is performed to accomplish fertilization during IVF method. This influences IVF Cost in South Africa, resultant the couple needs to pay extra charge apart of IVF treatment cost. Treatments that affect IVF Cost in South Africa are

  • IVF treatment with Donor Egg
  • IVF Treatment with Donor sperm
  • IVF with Donor Embryo

IVF treatment, sometimes applied with the advance equipments or tools that undeniably show an effective result; some of these t ultra-modern method are –

  • IVF with LAH (laser assisted hatching)
  • IVF with PGD / PGS
  • IVF with IMSI / ICSI
  • IVF with PICSI

IVF with Surgical Methods (for male infertility)

  • IVF treatment with MESA
  • IVF treatment with TESA
  • IVF treatment with PESA
True! These are all those variables that affect the Cost of IVF in South Africa. Let’s read the cost structure of these treatments/ techniques with IVF below in a table
IVF Treatment Cost in South Africa 2020Cost in Rand
IVF treatment with Donor EggR 70,000- R75,000
IVF treatment with Donor SpermR 52,000
Cost of Donor eggR 25,000- R 30,000
Cost of Donor spermR 7000
IVF Cost with LAHR 43,000 – R 45,000
IVF with donor embryoR 75,000- R 80,000
IVF with IMSIR 50,000
IVF Treatment with ICSIR 46,000

Do Your Own Research

IVF Cost in South Africa also varies considerably between the fertility specialists and clinics, as each of them has their own Cost structure of IVF. Several clinics have a package of IVF Cost in South Africa, while others may or may not be. We Care IVF Surrogacy comes up with each and every medication throughout the journey of IVF, there is not any additional or surprised cost of IVF, all the medication is included in IVF Cost in South Africa.

Before finalizing any centre, make sure you research well. Ask your fertility expert to elaborate the cost of different techniques and when the amount has to be paid. A written quote for a transparent IVF treatment will ease you to understand a full view of IVF Cost in South Africa. Make sure to choose appropriate fertility clinic and also the experienced fertility specialist in order to have the best prospect for higher than normal success rate. Opt for genuine and authentic centre to enjoy your best days of parenthood.

Closing Lines

For those who want to get pregnant by natural method later in life or once their fertility phase drops, the couple may face serious challenges all through the journey of their pregnancy.

The reality is that a female has been born with all the eggs (approximate 2 million) and once she reaches puberty, she is left with about 500,000 eggs. Every year, the number of eggs; at a certain phase (at her 30’s) egg quality also trails off, descending of the egg quality speeds up at 35 and so on.

So, yes! The cold hard truth is that a female’s eggs have an expiry date and once this running date slips, it becomes difficult to attain pregnancy by own eggs.

Here’s the closing line for all the couples, who are facing infertility symptoms and couldn’t make the natural conception successful is that Do not waste your time waiting and waiting, you really have to be fast choosing the appropriate centre for your fertility treatment. We are there for you at each step guiding you the best treatment and the top-notch IVF centre in South Africa. At the end cost doesn’t matter much; it’s the centre and the success rate!

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