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Your Egg Donation Services Arrangement is our focus at We Care Health Services, India, where we are known across the country and around the world for being the Gold Standard in the field of Assisted Reproduction. Our monitored partner clinics offer comprehensive, value-based programs in both egg donation and surrogacy for clients across the globe.

Egg Donor IndiaWe have a full service surrogacy and egg donation center that includes an attorney and a full service staff. We use a team approach whereby your egg donation and/or surrogacy arrangement is managed by your doctor, the attorneys, the psychologists, and us for you. This approach will provide you with the best possible situation and will alleviate most of your risks and fears. In addition, we are able to provide prompt, personal service to help you make the right decisions regarding your Egg Donor, Surrogate, or Intended Parents because we have a large staff available for you full time and after hours. Of course, our egg donor database is certainly the most comprehensive in the industry because we verify our egg donors’ credentials and availability each month, and remove those egg donors that are no longer part of our program.

Egg Donor Information

We have an active egg and embryo donation program. These are very useful treatment options for older women and women with ovarian failure.

Since it is still not possible to reliably freeze eggs, for donor egg treatment, we need fresh eggs. If you cannot organise your own egg donor, we will be happy to do so for you.

We will be happy to help you find an egg donor . We have many healthy young fertile Indian women ( all of whom are less than 30 years of age , have been medically tested for their fertility ; and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS ) on our egg donor panel, who have been fully evaluated . I select all our egg donors and screen them personally. The egg donor is superovulated exclusively for you, ensuring a high success rate. Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential – we do not do any egg sharing. We do not provide photos of our donors, as we need to protect their identity. I will select the best egg donor for you, by matching your physical traits. You need to send me your photo and your physical characteristics, so I can do so. Our egg donors need to be paid in advance, so we can reserve them for you.

We can provide the following details of our egg donors.

  1. Physical characteristics









  1. Personal health history

Medical problems


    Blood transfusions








  1. Family history

( any diseases in the family eg diabetes, etc.).






  1. Fertility history

Number of children


    Past pregnancies





Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential, and we protect your identity as well as that of the egg donor.

Egg Donor India

Here is a sample list of some of our egg donors.

1. Mrs. P.D.
Age: 27
Qualification : B. Com
Description :
5′ 2″ Black Eyes, black Hair
No. illness. Regular 30 days cycle
Blood Group : B +ive
Hobbies : Studying, reading
Husband : Bank Manager

2. Mrs. P.S.
Age: 28
Qualification : B. Com
Description : 2 children (1 boy -21/2 year & 1 boy 1 year)
No illness. Regular 28 days cycle
Blood Group : A +ive
Hobbies : Badminton, reading

3. Mrs. T. S
Age: 32
Qualification : B.A. (English Literature)
Network Marketing
Description : 2 daughters (1 daughter – 10 years & 1 daughter 7 years)
Blood Group : O + ve
Hobbies : painting, dancing

4. Mrs. C. J.
Age : 26 years
Qualification : B. Sc
Description : 5′ 1″ . Black eyes, black hair
No illness. 30 – 35 days
Blood Group : AB +ve
Hobbies : reading, writing, traveling, karate ,public speaking

5. Mrs. R.K.
Age : 27 years
Qualification : B. Com , M.BA, Sales Manager at Cadbury
Description : 5′ 3″ Fair black eyes, black hair, ICSCV 6 year daughter
No Medical problems
Blood Group : B +ive
Hobbies : plays chess, Athletics (state 200m running champ-1992)

6. Mrs. K. I Age : 26
Qualification : BA teacher for disable Children
Description : 5’5″ fair, black eyes, black hair
regular 30 days cycle
Blood Group : AB -ive
Hobbies :Basketball State Champion

7. Mrs. M. U.
Age : 31
Qualification : Dip. Bakery Management (2 year),
Dip. Export Management (2 year)
Description : 5′ 2″ black eyes, black hair, fair
3 year old daughter
Blood Group : A +ive
Hobbies ; National Sports player (Swimming Maharashtra State)

8. Mrs. T. S
Age : 25 years
Qualification : Doctor, (BHMS)
Description : 5′ 3″ brown eyes, black hair
1 son -14 months (Aug 5, 2000) Blood Group : O +ive

If traveling is a problem, the easiest option is that we freeze your husband’s sperm sample (or you hand carry it in a dry-shipper); we superovulate the egg donor and perform ICSI using your husband’s frozen sperm; and we then transfer the frozen embryos into your uterus when it is convenient for you.

For embryo donation, we have frozen supernumerary embryos which patients who have already conceived have kindly agreed to donate to other infertile couples. Embryo adoption is a type of prenatal adoption !

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