IVF Basics – Understanding the Basic Principles of IVF Procedure


IVF treatment is famously known as test-tube baby program – used to solve the infertility cases of the couples. Infertility cases are emerging day by day due to several reasons such as urban lifestyle, irregular routine, unhealthy diet and excessive consumption of drugs, liquor and smoke – these are some elements that directly impacts on the reproductive system in the individuals resulting them suffer from pregnancy or childbirth issues. Infertility is not just a women’s issue but ratio depicts that the males are equally unable to impregnate their partner due to certain cause of medical hiccups such as obstruction of sperm production, motility issues and etc.

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is one of the advance procedures of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) at the same time, is the most preferred option to treat infertility issue for both – men and women. In short, IVF treatment is the procedure where the embryo is created outside of the human body. The entire process is accomplished under the guidance of skilled fertility team and a senior fertility specialist who must have a decent experience in resolving the infertility cases. If the couple has been recommended for an IVF to conceive, they must seek the suitable and appropriate fertility clinic for the treatment because IVF follows multiple steps to accomplish and thus it needs proper guidance and assistance. Let’s understand some of the basic principles of IVF –

Who can use IVF to treat infertility issues?

Numerous ladies with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes have accomplishment with the IVF treatment if wanting a child. Ladies who have fertility related issues, as endometriosis polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS) are likewise acceptable possibility for IVF as it assists with treating their barrenness side effects. Ladies with unpredictable ovulation or irregular menstruation cycles also achieve a sound result by IVF, as the treatment stimulates the ovulation to deliver multiple and matured eggs. On the off chance that the women unable to produce healthy eggs, there are advanced procedures of ART that could be fruitful for them to attain pregnancy. Males who have fertility issue can likewise be treated with IVF. Men who have low sperm tally may go to the technique referred as ICSI, where the fertility expert picks out a single sperm for the infusion into the egg.

IVF is basically categorize into two parts – basic/standard or conventional procedure and advanced procedure. If the woman’s ovaries don’t create quality eggs, then she can opt for advanced IVF because at that point, standard IVF might not give sound result. They can choose IVF treatment with donor egg, where the fit and screened donor provides her eggs to the infertile couple and donated eggs are combined with the partner’s sperm for fertilization. If the woman is not keen on getting a donor egg, she may need to investigate different alternatives outside of IVF such as IVF with LAH, IVF with PGD, IVF with blastocyst transfer – the best option can be given after knowing the exact cause of your infertility case by the doctor. Additionally, in the event that you are beyond 37 years old, it is increasingly hard to get pregnant with IVF. Donor eggs are the best option for ladies moving toward 40 who need to have a baby.

IVF treatment is commonly viewed as when
  • A lady faces with the issue of endometriosis (where endometrium becomes outside of the uterus).
  • Females, who have had their fallopian tubes evacuated
  • Fallopian tubes harmed or blocked
  • Premature ovarian failure of the woman
  • Irregular ovulation or menstruation cycle
  • Male factor Infertility (where male delivers less tally of sperms and furthermore low motility)
  • Individual with chromosomal disorder
  • Couples looking with idiopathic or unexplained infertility
  • Women with PCOS issue

The Fundamental steps of IVF Procedure 

Stage 1: Fertility Medication to the female

This is the initial step of IVF procedure where the woman’s ovary is stimulated giving the fertility medication, in which the fertility doctor initially stimulates the female’s ovaries and furthermore screen the specific planning of ovulation.

At the point when the fertility doctor affirms whether the female is providing eggs from the ovaries and her hormone level are typical or not, at that point by the specialists, fertility medications or medicine is prearranged. Fertility drugs are provided so as to get numerous eggs at the hour of ovulation. Since we know every month, a female produces single egg from one of the ovary however during IVFto get positive and progressively strong outcome, various eggs are gathered during egg recovery with the goal that preparation can without much of a stretch occur.

In a significant number of the woman’s infertility case, it is discovered that ladies (because of her expanded age or due to advanced medical reason), couldn’t lay solid eggs at the hour of egg recovery, at this point IVF is finished with donor egg.

Stage 2: Follicular Aspiration or Egg-Retrieval

Procedure of egg assortment is a minor careful advance, where the assortment of the eggs begins subsequent to giving torment medicine to reduce any distress during this procedure or nearby sedation is given to the female so as to not to encounter any uneasiness. The specialists screen the follicles utilizing vaginal ultrasound; eggs are recovered from every ovary by the needle under gentle attractions.

Once the eggs are taken out from the follicular liquid, these eggs are put in a petri dish that contains supplement media.

Procedure of egg-retrieval method during IVF is done just when the specialist get assured about the matured eggs. Eggs, during fertility prescriptions are envisioned and observed cautiously by transvaginal ultrasoundsand blood hormonal test. When the eggs are nearly grown-up and prepared to gather, a ‘trigger-shot’ is given. The trigger-shot is given to the female to get all the eggs in completely developed stage in order to keep high chance of fertilization. This injection is given inside 36 hours of egg-retrieval procedure.


Stage 3: Fertilization–where sperm penetrates the egg

Next activity of IVF treatment is-fusion of the sperm into the egg’s wall for fertilization. Fertilization implies the procedure, where eggs are joined with the sperms given by the male or benefactor. Upon the arrival of egg assortment, semen test is likewise gathered from the male accomplice and afterward by consolidating the sperm and egg on a similar culture dish, fertilization happens normally, (where motile sperm infiltrates into the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for division).

If the male accomplice’s sperms do not have the motility and normal check, at that point as of now, fertility specialists’ guidance of best IVF centre performed ICSI ART method.

What occurs during ICSI with IVF? During ICSI system, a solitary sperm (generally motile and dynamic) picked by the team of fertility centre, is legitimately infused into each egg (that has been recovered at the hour of egg assortment). ICSI is one of the development types of IVF and expands the chances of successful fertilization when the sperm does not have the possibility to infiltrate by own into the egg’s wall and reach into the cytoplasm.


Stage 4: Embryo Transfer and Implantation

This is the last procedure of an IVF, where the fertilized egg or embryo is picked for the transfer into the woman’s uterus.is one of the most significant advances and requires experienced group of fertility veterans to play out this technique.

Once the egg gets prepared with the sperm, this blend is known as treated eggs and inside 3-4 days of preparation, these treated eggs become incipient organism. Presently, fertility specialists on the fourth or fifth day of treatment (blastocyst stage), handpick two of the best embryo for the implantation. When the embryo is picked, is put into the female’s uterus cautiously for the successful implantation.

With a catheter, embryos set into the uterus. Inside a week or something like that, female needs to visit the center for the pregnancy test. Through exams, it is observed whether the embryo is effectively joined with the uterine covering or not. In the event that the embryo gets effectively attached with the uterine lining, normal pregnancy soon going to take place.

Components impacting Success Rate or pregnancy rate via IVF 

A few components impact the successful outcome of IVF treatment. How about we examine a few variables –

  • Age of the lady
  • Infertility case or past history of the couple
  • Embryo quality
  • Lifestyle elements

Well! Age of the couple really carries a significant role to get a decent result through IVF treatment, particularly egg assumes a noteworthy role to make progress in achieving the success rate. Ladies under 35 have a decent IVF success rate as they have sound and preeminent nature of eggs.

Male’s sperm should likewise be in dynamic and has a good motility condition. In the event that the male has less sperm count or has less motility, at that point there won’t be a good chance of forming a quality embryo, if embryo forms, then the quality will be have poor or unfit for effective implantation.

Way of life factors influences a lot in the couple’s for healthy conception. In the event that any man or a lady is carrying on with their way of life in undesirable and imbalanced routine then it will cause unfriendly effect on their fertility potential. Along these lines, one should carry on with one’s way of life in sound and impeccable manner. If the couple is thinking to have a baby, the very first thing what they need to do is to get on the right track of balanced diet, have regular moderate exercise, be on a proper weight, and stay away from smoke, drugs and intake of alcohol.

IVF success rate basically relies on main considerations like the age of the lady (whose eggs are utilized in the methodology of IVF fertilization), sperm motility, uterine receptivity and the quality of the embryos. Age of the couple consistently carries a significant part in giving accomplishment of IVF.

The Closing Lines 

There is a fact that numerous ladies think IVF is their first choice in the event that they need to conceive if the natural procedure is not giving a successful result, how everit’s not like this because IVF is one of the advanced fertility treatment and must be chosen only when you have been met with the experienced fertility doctor.The fertility specialists will advise the individual to attempt normal pregnancy first. If the couple is under 30 to 35, they should go after at any rate a half year and on the off chance that it’s not working, by that time only they should go to the fertility clinic for their fertility evaluation.

Significantly from that point forward, the doctor will likewise attempt oral or injectable fertility medication or drug before trying for an IVF. If the situation (by the fertility evaluation of the infertile individual) is too low AMH level of the woman, low sperm count, irregular menstruation cycle, and a potential for certain hereditary issue or genetic disorder, then the specialist suggests IVF to the couple.

If you are looking with the best fertility centre and planning to undergo IVF treatment, the certain aspects must be considered by the couple, like – to know the success rate of the centre, the couple can talk with the previous patients of the clinic so as to know more about the clinic, since how many years the fertility clinic is running and most important how many experience do the fertility doctor has in the domain of infertility treatments. WE CARE IVF SURROGACY delivers the best treatment of IVF giving the best experience to the couple throughout the IVF process. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility agency providing all the fertility treatments, counselling and guidance towards how to have a healthy pregnancy, and so on across the globe.

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