Life Time Loneliness Removed After Taking Decision of In-Vitro Fertilization


Life without a baby seems boring, and yes, there is always a vacant space of a couple’s life that needs to be filled by their own kid. And for the child, a healthy and standard delivery must have to be carried out by the couple. However, in the way of parenthood, there are many couples, who try hard to attain natural pregnancy but unable to, on the other hand, several couples get their stroke of good fortune at initial some tries. Certain things hinder if you are unable to get pregnant that maybe your lifestyle, food-habit, delayed menstruation, smoking and many more – these aspects directly trigger the hormone level adversely. Hormones play a crucial role for both- male and female to conceive and hence, the specialist recommends us to be on a healthy and balanced diet.

What if the person is unable to get pregnant naturally, Yes! Artificial methods of assisted reproductive technology help the couple to have their baby. IVF is one of the preferred and globally accepted fertility treatments that fulfil the couple’s biggest dream of achieving motherhood and fatherhood.

What is IVF? In Vitro Fertilization is a process under which the eggs are fertilized with the sperm in the petri dish performed by the senior IVF experts. IVF needs full care and proper attention all through the way of the procedure. During this treatment, specialised equipment and advanced technology are used to help a woman become pregnant. Medicines, called fertility drugs, are given to the recipient to boost her egg production. A very few people knew about this treatment a few years back, but now IVF has taken a world-wide name and fame because of the increasing rate of infertility. The new-born from this procedure is also referred as test-tube babies or IVF babies.

We are one of the top-notch medical tourism facilitators that serve the best IVF treatment and other advanced fertility treatment to the couple. The fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is veteran in their respective domain, embryologist, junior IVF expert, senior IVF expert, nurses and well-knowledgeable fertility coordinators.

During this article, a patient wants to share her own experience of IVF and how her loneliness got over after deciding for IVF treatment. The patient’s name is Emma, delivered a baby after two years under the supervision of the IVF team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. So, here’s the story of Emma, who came from the USA to India to solve her infertility issue.

Happy to declare that I got conceived

Hi, I am pleased after taking the decision of IVF, and I want to share my experiences with you which related to IVF. I’m delighted that my husband and I came in contact with the services offered by We Care IVF Surrogacy. This organisation guided me and offered me the best fertility centre for the treatment.

Undeniably, IVF is the most successful treatment for Fertility. When you decide IVF that time, some questions come in your mind. Would you want to give yourself the best chance to have that Family? Would you be willing to have Surgery? Would you find the money to afford it Someway, Somehow? We have been trying for Children for a few years, but due to some health problems, we don’t plan this. After that, I think about IVF because it is one of the right ways of having a child without any harm. But IVF is such a difficult decision a Cost because it is not a cheap, and here where we live, the cost of ART treatments are so very expensive that we really couldn’t afford and decided India for the procedure. Here, the cost of IVF is just like buying a Car or a House. But for me “It’s struggling to breathe for Air underwater while others are swimming around you with life Preservers.” After some time, when I discussed with my family and thought about a baby, then I finally decided IVF because” NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN HAPPINESS” and” HAPPINESS IS NOTHING WITHOUT MY BABY”. And the money is also a source of happiness so why we don’t spend money on IVF. After all this, I along with my husband, planned for India under the guidance of We Care, team. After waiting for approx one year eight months, I eagerly wanted my baby, and hence we didn’t delay fixing an appointment with IVF expert.

The fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy was very nice and so familiar. The Doctor provided all the information related to IVF Procedure, Succession Rate, Cost factors, and so on. Now, we are proceeding for IVF.

Fertility treatments carry with them so many Emotions. The emotions I Felt during IVF were different than any I had experienced up to that point like- Disbelieve Excitement, Fear, Happy, Nervousness, and Tired, and so on. I am 15 weeks pregnant. But then we had our First Ultrasound, and the Craziest thing happened. We heard a Heartbeat and saw our tiny baby girl. I felt Speechless. Looking back on our journey through all the Fertility treatment, I have to tell you one thing: It is all worth it. Yes, the cost is a bit high, but we were lucky as we had opted India for our IVF destination. My friends, if you are also outlining for pregnancy through IVF and if it is possible to come down to India, then go ahead with the We Care team! I had a fantastic experience of IVF with them.

Although you have to prepare yourself for both the situation – emotionally and financially but the Reward is so great that I would do it all over again (if I ever need for the second child). I have been blessed with a baby girl. That time we can’t express our emotions because it was the happiest moment in our Life. That was inexplicable feeling! I’m really unable to show my gratitude for this team. Thanks for the first successful try. That time is very special to us.

So, yeah! In the end, I’m enjoying the days of my motherhood and put the last touch on my wish with the help of We Care team!

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