IVF Cost Chennai

How Much Does IVF Cost in Chennai


IVF is the procedure, where embryos are originated after the sperm has successfully penetrated into the egg’s cytoplasm, this procedure is performed outside the body and then placed into the recipient’s uterus for further steps (implantation and pregnancy). Chances of attaining pregnancy are increased by IVF method.

As compared to the other cities the medical services is not expensive because most of the patient think that Chennai is the most costly city for infertility treatment; however it’s not true; Chennai comes up with superb advance techniques coming up with the highly qualified veterans. IVF Cost in Chennai is affordable and reasonable, providing all the facility to the patient.

We Care IVF Surrogacy follows a standard and systematic method of IVF treatment, imparting with the best treatment of IVF around the world. This centre provides each and every ART treatment in nominal cost endowing with decent success rate.

IVF Cost Chennai is within couple’s reach and cost-efficient treatment. If we discuss urban center, it’s that place where every treatment is obtainable in far more reasonable value. IVF- it’s one in all the foremost chosen and efficacious treatment to decipher sterility issue whether or not the sterility is expounded to male or feminine. IVF cost Chennai is tactically and is moderately priced so every sterile or sterile pair can choose this treatment without any hesitation.

A Comprehensive view of IVF Cost in Chennai


IVF treatment cost in India varies from ₹1,50,000 to ₹1,75,000 for a single cycle, yet it can be as much as Rs. ₹2,00,000 or even more. It may be as low as Rs. ₹1,50,000, yet it’s occasionally lower than this digit.

India is the one and only country that puts forward any of the fertility treatment in much affordable manner. Comparing with international countries, India has been reported as the most preferred place to eradicate infertility disorder.

When a couple is considering IVF to accomplish their family, there are several aspects, which a couple must know before going for IVF treatment. Since IVF is a treatment that follows a multiple procedures, nurses, fertility team and technicians are also involved in a single cycle of IVF, hence the breakdown of IVF is quite confusing. However, there is no Typical IVF Cycle, each case of infertility is different and on the basis of couple’s infertility, IVF cost varies. Factors that step up the charges of IVF Cost in Chennai are –

  • If the couple is selecting IVF Cost Chennai with Donor Egg
  • If the couple is choosing IVF Cost Chennai with Donor sperm
  • IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching and so on.

Of course! IVF with self egg and self sperm is cheaper than above mentioned combined ART treatments. If your fertility veteran recommends you for any of the above ART technique, then you have to ask additional cost of it apart of IVF charges.

The basic IVF Cost in Chennai with couple’s own eggs and sperm is INR ₹1, 35,000 – ₹1, 50,000. The charges include –

  • Cost of Fertility Medication
  • Regular hormonal injection
  • Collection of the eggs
  • Each visit and consultation charges
  • Fertilization
  • Transferring the best embryo into the uterus
  • Charges of Fertility lab and equipment
Break-down Cost of IVF in a Single AttemptCharges in INR

Consultation Cost Initially



₹500 – ₹1000 RS


Fertility Drugs

and hormonal injection



₹60, 000 Rs


IVF procedure

·         Egg Retrieval procedure

·         Semen Collection

·         Fertilization

·         Embryo transfer  





₹90, 000 Rs



Total IVF Cost





Single Attempt of IVF Cycle


₹1,50,000 Rs

  • IVF Charges with Donor Egg in Chennai –

Donor Egg is quite expensive procedure but an effective one to attain pregnancy. During this process, a couple chooses an option to go for donor’s eggs for fertilization step during IVF. The donor could be couple’s relative or the professional egg donor (provided by ART clinics or agency). IVF Cost in Chennai with Donor Egg is INR ₹2, 75,000.


Donor Cost Break-down view Cost in INR(₹)

Stimulation charge



INR ₹90,000 – ₹1,00,000

Cost of –

·         Ultrasounds and blood work

·         Each visits

·         Egg Retrieval

·         Post Care 




INR ₹25,000


Charges of Donor Egg in Chennai –


Donor Egg Charge (Total)



INR ₹1,25,000


Donor Egg Charge With IVF treatment





  • IVF Charge Chennai using Donor sperm –

This method is inappropriate for those couples in which the male partner lacks to produce healthy and active sperm (or may be no sperm), resultant unsuccessful IVF with self sperm. During this process, a fit and eligible donor sperm provide his sperm to the centre for successful fertilization with the recipient’s eggs. IVF Cost in Chennai using donor sperm is INR ₹1,70,000 to ₹1,80,000.


Breakdown Cost of Donor Sperm



Cost in INR (₹)


Donor Sperm Cost



INR ₹20,000 – ₹30,000


IVF with Donor Sperm



INR ₹1,75,000 – ₹1,80,000


So, basically the basic IVF Cost in Chennai is –

Charges of IVF in Chennai INR

IVF Treatment with couple’s eggs and sperms

(with all the medication and procedure of



INR ₹1,50,000 – ₹1,75,000

IVF Treatment Cost with Various Advance Treatments –

IVF Treatment with some preferred advance techniques


Cost in INR (₹)

IVF treatment with Donor Egg


INR ₹2,75,000


IVF treatment with Donor Sperm


INR ₹1,80,000


Cost of Donor egg


INR ₹1,25,000


Cost of Donor sperm


INR ₹30,000


IVF Cost with LAH


INR ₹2,00,000


IVF with donor embryo


INR ₹3,00,000




INR ₹1,75,000


Male Fertility Treatment IVF Cost in Chennai with other ART techniques –






INR 1,75,000





INR ₹1,85,000





INR ₹2,25,000





INR ₹1,85,000


IVF with Micro TESA



INR ₹2,00,000


What should I know before starting treatment?

Things you should know before starting IVF Treatment?

One of the most important things that a couple has to do is to prepare themselves for both- financially and emotionally. You really have to be positive throughout the entire course of IVF treatment.

Be comfortable and ease while asking direct questions, such as;

  • Are all the medications, tests, lab charge and consultation included in the cost of the treatment?
  • What is the exact success rate and number of delivery counts (via IVF)?
  • What insurance plans the clinic has?

At We Care IVF Surrogacy, a couple gets full transparent view of IVF Cost in Chennai. There is neither any hidden charge throughout the entire procedure nor any secret surprising cost that requires additional charges during the medication.  We provide –

  • Transparent IVF Cost in Chennai
  • Highly qualified Fertility veterans
  • Well-furnished with latest equipments
  • Provides all the advance ART techniques
  • Best in Infra
  • A decent success rate with a good number of delivery counts
  • 24*7 free online consultation

Chennai – Famous place to experience a pleasant journey of IVF treatment –

It is urgent as we in general comprehend that the IVF is totally lawful in India and sponsorship by the less nation yet in the event that it is true blue in any nation so do you ever see that why the patient is coming to India for the treatment why they are selecting us? So the illumination behind it is the sensible and reasonable IVF cost bundles that we are giving to the patients, providing all the advance amenities and ultra-modern techniques to them throughout the journey of their IVF. As fewer nations are supporting IVF so the majority of the patient is coming here in light of the way that India IVF expense is basically sensible and has a high success rate.