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Embryo transfer is the last step of In Vitro Fertilization – one of the most preferred fertility treatments that help the childless couple to conceive. Each way for an embryo transfer is unique and involves a proper planning throughout the procedure. Embryo transfer is the crucial part of a couple’s IVF treatment. There is a proper arrangement of injections, appointments, and checkups all through the way of procedure. Embryo transfer is the final step of the couple’s journey to build their family. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, the fertility team provides the best medication giving the pleasant experience to the couple. The cost of embryo transfer in India is very reasonable served by the best IVF centres under We Care.

Before knowing the cost of embryo transfer, the readers should have the idea about the ways embryo transfer can take place. The first process is when, the couple is undergoing IVF treatment and having own embryo transfer during the course of treatment.

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Secondly, embryo can also be transferred when the couple decides to delay their pregnancy and have been passed with all the steps of IVF but not embryo transfer. This process is accomplished by freezing the embryos in fertility lab and keeping this embryo as cryopreserved, the embryo can be used later when the couple wants to have baby. When the frozen embryos get placed into the woman’s uterus – the process is called as Frozen Embryo Transfer. The frozen embryo transfer in India cost is INR 75000 plus the additional cost of IVF steps.

Sometimes the infertile couple who is unable to provide both – good quality of eggs and motile sperm, for such couples, the specialist recommends to go for embryo adoption for the baby. During this procedure, the frozen embryo gets placed into the recipient’s uterus to carry the pregnancy term. This is known as embryo adoption, where the embryo (left-over embryos from a couple who already have undergone IVF) gets transferred into the uterus of the female. During the embryo transfer, the female doesn’t have to undergo with the fertility medication and regular hormonal injection for the egg retrieval because a healthy and developed embryo gets implanted into the recipient uterus. The cost of the entire procedure of embryo adoption is approximately INR 2.75 lakh to INR 3 lakh.

More often than not in IVF, female delivers a few developing lives among of which just single or couple of fetuses are utilized and remaining are unused after the primary cycle. The significant part of couples like to stop them for later utilize or give them to others for treatment, research or preparing purposes. The practicality of getting to be pregnant utilizing a solidified Embryo is never influenced when traverse a developing life has been put away. In any case all developing lives don’t survive solidifying just a couple can. In few cases sperms are likewise put away. Embryo transfer cost in India with the complete services

The freezing of the embryo depends upon the couple wish whether they want to make their embryos freeze for six months or a year or more than a year. Based on the couple’s requirement for embryo transfer they can choose the plan to preserve their embryos in the fertility lab.

Six-month cost of embryo freezing is INR 70,000 to INR 75,000 and rest of the process on the way of embryo freezing step such as fertility medication, retrieval procedure, and placing the preserved embryo costs INR 1,50,000 to 1,75,000. So, the complete cost of Embryo transfer in India can touch INR 2, 50,000 to INR 2, 75,000.

A couple can pick sperms and embryos freezing in the accompanying cases:

  • To keep discretionary embryos for second IVF cycles.
  • In the event that first treatment is wiped out after egg recovery if there should arise an occurrence of no reaction to richness medication
  • In the event that a past therapeutic medications are intruding on your ripeness potential
  • You are at a danger of harm or demise
  • You have to experience sex change strategy

A composed assessment is taken of frozen embryo in India from the couple. Developing lives are made by IVF strategy and of the best quality are decided for solidifying. The evaluation depicts the length of period for which embryos will be solidified and different terms like future use or developing life gift. The understanding can likewise be changed according to the terms of couple. The particular system of developing life solidifying or cryofreezing of eggs can be taken after on the base of conditions and sort of treatment took after by center.

The definite system for utilizing your solidified fetuses differs, contingent upon your own circumstances and the kind of treatment your center offers. The strides took after depend on your ovulation system. On the off chance that your monthly cycle is standard and treatment is offered every day, a doctor may prescribe taking after a characteristic cycle. Then again for unpredictable periods, medications are endorsed for ovulation.

About Frozen Embryo Transfer

At We Care IVF Surrogacy we are routinely performing effective Frozen Embryo Transfers. One point of preference of FET is lessened expense. At the point when solidified fetuses are accessible from a past IVF treatment, resulting implantations can be expert at sparing. The investment funds mirrors the way that IVF cycles with cryopreserved and defrosted developing lives are less included and in this way less exorbitant than creating crisp fetuses with another IVF cycle.

Main points of Frozen Embryo Transfer

For a several reasons, a few patients find that get ready for a frozen embryo transfer includes less medicine and might be less demanding than an IVF cycle. In any case, FET medicines still oblige patients to take solutions (hormones) to assemble the uterine coating to get ready to get the developing lives.

Freezing Embryo Transfer Treatment Procedures

The length of FET medications shifts by patient; by and large, most patients fall into the three-to the four-week range. The quantity of embryos exchanged relies on upon a few components: persistent age, developing life quality, and the quantity of embryos accessible after the freezing procedure. Frozen embryo transfer or cryopreserved embryo may be from the donor or from the couple’s own embryo which have been got through their IVF process.

The team of We Care IVF Surrogacy carries out the embryo transfer with perfection and dedication. We have been creating miracles for the past decade and serving the top-notch services throughout the fertility treatment. The success rates of our centres are highest along with a reasonable cost of each procedure.  We are best known for our advanced technologies and a marginal cost of Embryo Transfer in India.

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