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Surrogacy Medical Tourism in India at Mumbai – Surrogacy Tourism in Mumbai

Medical Tourism as a concept has been seen over the decades. But not how organized it is now. People have always traveled from one city to other, some times countries seeking the best treatment / surgery for their loved ones. With the advent of global education, internet, world class technology in state of the art hospitals and USA / UK / Internationally trained doctors, medical tourism is today’s’ preferred way to outsource your health.

Medical Tourism gives you the opportunity to get the best quality of IVF treatment / Egg Donation / Surrogacy at state of the art hospitals / Centres at amazingly low costs.

Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India is truly world class. There is practically no fertility treatment that our partner clinics in India are not doing which are performed in USA / UK. So much so that due to the innovative techniques and large number of patients the doctors are more experienced than their counterparts in other countries. And its no marketing gimmick, its really so. In IVF even a 2 % average increase in success rate matters.

IVF doctors promoted by We Care Health Services are selected after a thorough research and selection procedure. Most of the doctors we partner and recommend to our international patients have varied experience in India, USA and or Europe including UK. Robust medical education system in medical colleges in India and experience in different international hospitals and centres helps the doctors to be on the learning curve for always and connect to the couples more easily. This is true that our doctors have an average success rate of more than 40% (more than 50% in few doctors) whereas the IVF doctors of USA / UK publish their success rates in the range of 25 – 35 %.

IVF treatments provided in India

We Care’s partner centres offers a full range of treatments for infertility. Through a careful evaluation, We Care physicians will explain the options, answer all questions, and help patients decide on the most appropriate treatment for them. We Care’s partner centres program achieves high success rates while limiting the number of embryos transferred to avoid multiple births (twins or triplets).

Treatment options include:

How do I select the Best IVF doctor?

While you are selecting the IVF doctor for your fertility treatment we recommend you consider the following points

  • Education of the IVF doctor
  • Experience of the IVF doctor in country of residence
  • Experience of the IVF doctor outside the country of residence
  • Fellowships
  • No. of IVF and Fertility cases done
  • Success rates – overall and by age
  • Membership on the boards and associations
  • Papers presented
  • Communication skills
  • Testimonials and personal discussions with patients treated

If you are unable to find some information in the concise CV posted on our website and wish to know more of the particular IVF doctor, send your query here.

We will reply to you within 24 hrs.