Hassel Free surrogacy program in Russia.

Russia is one of the most legal free country for surrogacy program, there is no legal boundation for surrogacy. Our Surrogacy Clinic in Russia will open for Homosexual, Heterosexual & single parents with the Gender Selection option. Russia is One of the Most Favorable destinations for intended parents.

Our coordination team ready to assist intended parents in the whole procedure of surrogacy the clinic will provide the baby birth certificate and the clinic should use latest surrogacy technology accept the laser surgery or the embryo surgery, laparoscopy or the robotic surgery.

Why Russia as Surrogacy Destination?

Surrogacy in Russia’’ as it’s a right place for it where all the facilities are available. For the international patients, Russia is the best place to have surrogacy and hire surrogate mothers because of specific features:

Easily available surrogate mother: As a large nation, we have widest database of surrogate mothers in Russia, so surrogates are easily available as compared to other nations. Even the best thing to have surrogacy service in Russia is here the recipient is free to have selected or to choose the surrogate mother according to the convenience of budget.

Flexible and authentic legal facility: Single parents surrogacy is legal in the Russia either the patient is aboriginal or the overseas patients the surrogacy process is same for every person. Even the heterosexual or homosexual, couple the law and the legal facility are similar all of them.

Best surrogacy clinic Russia: This is the only reason most of the international patients are now interested in having surrogacy from Russia because of the best and affordable with hassle free surrogacy laws in Russia


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