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After knowing that you’re are dealing with the infertility problem so the next thing that hit in your mind to get the treatment of it because after the marriage everybody need to plan a family and family without the child is empty so in that case those who can’t conceive the child so for them IVF is the best option. If you are not from India so as being the patient from overseas, we suggest you to plan your trip before you are coming here because any kind or careless and irresponsibility can create trouble for you in the new place. First select a health services that can make your oath easy means half of your work is done by them like the best clinics and the expensive of accommodation basically it means someone very trusted whose have the complete knowledge of the treatment and the procedure on which you can easily trust and you will sure that the services will not misguide in the wrong direction basically put a great difference between quality and the quantity. Now look at the benefit that patient can easily get through IVF surrogacy the first benefit is local IVF:

The treatment consideration depends on the patient’s condition:

Yes! it is true that the condition of the patient will decide that either the patient come or not and if the patient will come soon which timing they should visit here and how long the time basically the duration of the complete procedure of the IVF program. The fertility procedure is the investigation it means what is the reason of infertility and how long infertility? Genetic or medical? Who is responsible for it male of female partner? Primary infertility or secondary infertility? All these are the questions that are asked to the patient before the treatment and on the basis of it the treatment will take place because most of the patient is unfamiliar with the fact that what is the reason to have infertility in the human body.

What is the benefit of the Local IVF procedure to the patient?

The main profit of the local IVF procedure is the time duration because the usually the IVF procedure takes 18 to 20 days but due to the Local IVF this procedure will only take 8 days in our country and other days or the other medication services the patient can easily prescribe in their own country basically it is the best way to save and money because we can easily understand that most of the patient it is very hard to visit in another country for the medical care.

Why select India for the treatment of IVF?

We believe in providing all the best facility accept the pick and drop services of the international patient as well. We are the best Asian IVF provider in the world and the last reason that can easily blow your mind is the price of IVF because it is very reasonable as compared to the other countries.

What is the success rate of the IVF procedure?

Basically the success rate of IVF procedure is pivoted on the clinic by which the patient is taking treatment and the medical condition of the patient but for the patient satisfaction the success rate of IVF with self-eggs has 53% chances to conceive the child, on the other hand, IVF with the donor eggs and surrogacy with the self-eggs has 65% of chances to conceive the child and surrogacy with the donor eggs has the highest rate 75% of chances to conceive the child.

What is the procedure of IVF with egg donor?

If you are planning to have IVF with egg donor so the patient should arrive at the 9th day of the period and have to take hormonal injection before the patient is arriving in India after it the woman’s egg has been taken to make embryos upside the body after the complete procedure the embryos transfer to the woman’s uterus. Even two or three days after it the patient can easily travel in their country.
The patient is free to interact with the Fertility expert:

Yes! It is true that the patient is free to interact with the patient and we all know that you will be glad to know this because we are the only one who is providing this particular facility nobody else. As we can understand that there are some of the queries or some of the explanation that the patient can only interact with the doctor nobody else. For those who are taking the IVF treatment first time so, in that case, we can easily understand that the nervousness before he treatment so, in that case, the doctor or the expert should be near the patient and try to secure or provide the comfort them. Even the doctor will tell the risks and the benefit of the treatment we know before the treatment the wave of the question is blowing down in your mind so that is the only reason it is very important to discuss with the procedure step by step even the doctor who is handling your case will always stand with you, we are also providing the option of the online chatting as well means if you are not able to travel one place to the other but only the suggestion for the treatment the patient have to visit here.

The comfort to interact with the previous patient:

Other sources just give the freedom to interact with the patient indirectly but we are also providing the option to interact with them on the personal basis through email and web chat only to know or ask their experiences very carefully if you have any kind of doubts in your mind towards the services of us so for the satisfaction of the patient we are always open up and the to interact with the previous patient can easily the mind of the patient and we are ensuring that the patient will come here and get the best services from us because we are customer oriented and our services of every patient are same either you are from India or from the overseas.

We Provide Safe And Successful IVF Treatment With Affordable cost

To whom the patient can contact?

There are many people in this industry that can easily misguide you because not to have a complete knowledge so for the right direction that patient can easily contact with us because all these points that we have already mentioned above are provided to the patient who is coming from another country and the patient can contact us through email, Skype, call, online and offline message and the twitter and the other social media technology as well. IVFsurrogacy is the trusted name in the field of the medical science even we are ensuring that this statement will always same because the experiences of the previous customer will also remain same.

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