Genetic Counseling in India before IVF for Infertility Treatment

Genetic counseling is a process of communicating medical aspects about a genetic disorder, especially the information regarding risk of occurrence as recurrence of the disease in the family and preventive options. Accurate diagnosis of the affected member is of paramount importance for genetic counseling. Special genetic investigations like DNA analysis and chromosomal analysis are essential for many cases and especially when prenatal diagnosis is necessary.

Genetic Counseling Procedure ?

A woman may be referred for genetic counseling if pregnant and undergoing prenatal testing or screening. Genetic counselors educate the patient about their testing options and inform them of their results. If a prenatal screening or test is abnormal, the genetic counselor evaluates the risk of an affected pregnancy, educates the patient about these risks and informs the patient of their options.

A person may also undergo genetic counseling after the birth of a child with a genetic condition. In these instances, the genetic counselor explains the condition to the patient along with recurrence risks in future children. In all cases of a positive family history for a condition, the genetic counselor can evaluate risks, recurrence and explain the condition itself.