Dr Nalini Gupta


1.Nalini  Gupta 

M.Sc Clinical Embryology, University of Leeds, UK


MD (Obs&Gynae), University of Rohtak, India


MBBS, M D U Rohtak


Awarded Distinction in M Sc Clinical Embryology (UK)

Professional Experience:

  1. 26 + years, a veteran,   in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

–          It includes comprehensive infertility work-up

–          Couple selection for various ART’s

–          Supervising and administering ovulation induction protocols

–          Follicular monitoring

–          Ovum-pickup,post

–          Pickup ovum handling

–          Semen preparation

–          Inseminations

–          ICSI

–          Embryo assessment

–          Cryopreservation (Semen & embryo)

–          Transfer and post transfer follow-up

(b) Supervision of all ART lab procedures.


–          Post ovum pickup scanning

–          Pickup ovum handling

–          Semen preparation

–          Inseminations

–          ICSI

–          IMSI

–          Assisted laser Hatching

–          Embryo assessment

–          Cryopreservation (Semen ,Ovum&Embryo)


(C) Quality control of lab and embryo culture conditions

Includes care of all lab equipment, various culture media and culture conditions.

(D) 26 + years in the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. It includes:

-Elective and emergency gynaecological and Obstetric surgical procedures

– Investigative procedures like colposcopy, ultrasonography and  diagnosticlaproscopy

– Family planning services

(E) Field of Interest     : Infertility and Assisted Reproduction Medicine

(F) Overseas Experience:

–          Consultancy for establishing ART labs in India and abroad.

–          M SC in clinical Embryology from the University of Leeds, UK. It was a course of 2 years duration which I passed with Distinction

–          Worked at Leeds Institute of Reproductive Medicine, University of Leeds

–          Research project on the ‘Impact of Irradiation on Apoptosis in Human Ovary’ under the guidance of consultant Dr.Helen M Picton.

–          Gained experience In-Vitro fertilization techniques and ovulation induction at the Assisted Conception Unit and Reproductive Medicine Unit in The Leeds General Infirmary and St.James’ Hospital Leeds.

I am dedicated and reliable individual, capable of leading and motivating my team. I want a fulfilling and rewarding career in the Embryologyand Assisted Reproductive Medicine.  With my more than two and a half decade long experience in the field of Gynaecology& Obstetrics in leading institutions in India along with master’s degree in embryology acquired from a premier institute in UK, I am uniquely positioned to provide a complete package of Assisted Reproductive Services.  I wish to work with a progressive and dynamic organization to utilize my skills in a challenging manner.

Services that I offer

–          Handling of patients-infertility workup, ovulation induction protocols

–          Handing of gametes and embryos

–          Culture media preparation and quality control testing

–          Oocyte retrieval

–          Sperm preparation

–          Insemination of oocytes and ICSI

–          IMSI

–          Assisted laser hatching

–          Cryopreservation of semen, embryos, and ovarian tissue

–          Laboratory safety-Lab design, Equipment, Infection control

–          Scoring of fertilization

–          Embryo culture and embryo transfer

–          Post embryotransfer care andfollow-up

–          Staffing and direction

–          Policies and procedures

(Dr. Nalini Gupta)

MBBS, MD (Gynae & Obst)

                                                                                                MSc (Clinical Embryology)

                                                                                                Director Reproductive Medicine

                                                                                                Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre